Kamis, 07 Mei 2015

Pengertian dan Harga Celana

Pengertian dan Harga Celana
Trousers are outer garments that cover the waist to the ankles, sometimes only to the knees, which wraps the trunk leg separately, especially a male clothing.

There are several types of pants:

- Stump pants: pants men who long only up to or past the knees slightly;
- Cutbrai pants: pants that smack bottom width;
- Briefs: underwear pants that form as a cover genitalia (usually made of thin fabrics dr and absorb sweat); loincloth;
- Dungarees: pants that narrow leg pd;
- Frog pants: pants monkey;
- Shorts: pants (in) which berkolor pd waist;
- Too big pants: pants that are too big;
- Monkey pants: pants that continued DNG clothes; frog pants;
- Pangsi pants: pants that bottom width, length past the knee (used to play martial arts or certain traditional ceremonies);
- Trousers: pants long reply (to the ankle);
- Shorts: pants that short (only up to the top of the knee);
- Sepan pants: tight pants that fit the inherent pd body size of the user;
- Trousers: trousers reply to the ankle length